MY COMPUTERS - Adelaide Computer Store

MY Computers is a small computer retailer located in Adelaide just 5 minutes west of the CBD. Beginning as a small converted garage at Kilkenny in 1992 and moving to its current shop location in 1993. It has become one of the longest running and most respected computer stores in Adelaide.

Specialising in custom built computers using only reputable brand name components, MY Computers has built a reputation for high quality and great service while maintaining competitive prices. Whether it's a basic PC for 'doing the odd bit of letter writing and web surfing' to a high spec gaming PC with top end video and audio capabilities all the way up to a multiprocessor file server with RAID storage, we can tailor a computer to your exact needs. No longer do you have to take a PC 'off the shelf' and hope that it does the job or buy a package deal with loads of outdated software and a set of steak knives that you don't need, we will give you exactly what you require. (But if you want the steak knives, I am sure we can arrange that as well!)